DYNABAR pivoting dyneema leash

22,00 € (18,03 € excl VAT) each


This pivoting dyneema leash can be used with all DYNABAR versions. It is made with a spliced 4mm SK7 1200Kg dyneema rope and comes with stainless steel pivots and shackles. This solution allows to limit the rope wear due to pull forces distributed on steel pivoting elements and not on the steel DYNABAR frame and PP bushings. This solution doesn't allow to use the DYNABAR's dyneema leash release system.

To attach dyneema leash insert end into loop (left side in picture) and make a savoy knot other side.

NOTE: This product can't be used with the new DYNABAR XC V9.

WARNING: it's strongly recommended to add a drop of glue before locking the shackle screw, check if both shackles are well locked before takeoff your kite.

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