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JAY has made another step forward and is proud to bring to market an improvement to the Adjustable Back Support available on JAY XT ABS and JAY XX ABS harnesses we launched last season.

The patent pending FlexTech Carbonfiber solution includes WINGED-PAD and POWER-BAND, 2 elements to make any harnesses rigid and get benefit for the back thanks to a non deformable shape. No more harness ride up and chest compression! The elements are in CarbonFiber and can be used with many of other brand waist harnesses equipped with internal elastic belts.

The POWER-BAND is inserted inside the harness but is a must to have free passage between the two harness layers, the external semi rigid shell and the internal protective cushion. The carbon fiber lamination gives the band some flexibility to better adapt user body.
Windsurf and Kitesurf harnesses are always been a problem because of back pain and during last 20 years designers tried to solve the problem by adding rigidity to the back area: inside plates or battens has always been the solution.
When we designed DYNABAR we kept in mind this issue and we made it a bit larger that usual to limit another issue, the compression of the harness and consequently the waist due to the pull force. When we designed JAY XT and XX harnesses we added ABS system to let people to trim the back rigidity and it works fine.
We improved Adjustable Back Support by adding the POWER-PLATE to give more stiffness to the harness and completely eliminate compression.

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