DYNABAR V5 is our more advanced study and development of sliding hook spreader bar system. As the previous versions, DYNABAR V5 is designed to make simple toe side and surfing in general. DYNABAR V5 fits any waist and seat harness and comes in 3 different models and two measures 11"-28cm (fits S/M harnesses) and 13"-34cm (fits M/L/XL harnesses), includes an ergonomic protection pad, elastic rope to replace the original when wore up or overused, steel ties and pulleys.

The 3 models can be used in any style and sea waves, but they better fit the 3 different kitesurfing styles, :
  • DYNABAR FREERIDE is the best choice for kiters who would like to get the benefit of a sliding hook but still enjoying their preferred jumps. With this model you won't feel the difference from a standard spreader bar when riding front side but switch to toe side and enjoy the difference!
  • DYNABAR PROWAVE is aimed to waveriders using directional boards and need less stability at the centre of the bar and more controllable sliding done by their body/harness position. The transition of the hook is immediate and there is no hard release of the hook from the central position because of the wide angle. This model requires more skill and more time to get used to.
  • DYNABAR PRORACE is our contribution to design equipment aimed to this new discipline and we did the same by working close to some Italian kiterace riders. We designed our race board and DYNABAR PRORACE harness hook. The PRORACE model has no central 8mm steel bar where the hook slides, but a 6mm dyneema rope to guarantee enough stability of the hook in any position, as required during race: the rider can find his best body position in order to distribute weight on front/back leg as he wishes and also relax his back muscles. The transition during direction change is easier due to the sliding possibility. The PRORACE can be also used in freestyle and waveriding, but the hook is less stable compared to FREERIDE and the sliding is less quick compared to PROWAVE. PRORACE.
The ergonomic pad is made in soft neoprene covered with a stiff part to better distribute the load when pulling the harness webbings. It has three strong Velcro straps made of 3 layers, the middle one can be fully removed to attach pull-down webbing some harnesses have. DYNABAR pad is available in black, white and black&white colours to better fit your harness colours.
DYNABAR V5 can also be used in snowkiting, windsurfing and sailing.

DYNABAR V5 has been tested by the best wave riders in the world riding waves un-hooked to better feel surfing style and hooked to better play with waves. When at JAY we discovered these riders were wave riding using hand-made sliding hook systems we had the proof that DYNABAR is the right evolution in harness technology. Look at the following pictures and notice how they surf and how the kitesurfing style is adapted to the different wave conditions.

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DYNABAR wave session

DYNABAR hook release system

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